• Fare collection systems - Project: Budapest

OV-Chip card

For the OV-Chip card we have developed equipment that can charge the card with funds or a travel product. We manage the software, applications and systems for the Public Transport chip card upload and collection dispensers, as well as the associated IT-network throughout the Netherlands.

We also provide the IT-management and the development of new software & applications for several large organizations. Whatever we do, we only have one objective in mind: offer new perspectives that result in significant savings and a better service towards your customers.

Now that the OV-Chip card has obtained a countrywide coverage, as the only means of payment for public transportation (tram, bus and metro), the time has come to attach other services to the chip card.

Under the label ‘OV-connect’, Scheidt & Bachmann is working on several (access and payment) possibilities to utilize the OV-Chip card, for instance for parking, bicycle rental, bicycle parking, electrical recharge stations and access to several events.

This sounds relatively simple, but a lot is required from the parties to realize this. Besides specialized knowledge, such a cooperation requires trust, new protocols and agreements and the protected and safe sharing of information with each other. With the ultimate objective to offer the consumer optimal convenience.